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Easily allow your business to accept cryptocurrency payments with no tablet or smart phone.


Customers simply scan a printed QR-Code to pay using their favorite wallet app


Customer gets a printed copy of payment receipt.

Payment Processing

Integrates with existing services like Coinbase and Binance, QuadrigaCX, Localbitcoins, Surbitcoin and more. Or, just have funds sent to a cold wallet.


34 Bytes is NOT a wallet service. We never have access to the merchant’s private keys


POS terminals have built in WiFi

34 Bytes is developing and distributing cryptocurrency point of sale (POS) terminals for physical retailers.

Cryptocurrencies offers tremendous potential to extend the ability to conduct financial transactions on a global network to individuals and businesses around the world that may not be able to do so otherwise. Crypto trading has the highest potential for making a significant profit out of trading. Particularly, auto trading bots like bitcoin storm facilitate crypto trading by executing trade automatically with a high win rate. Additionally, with the bitcoin storm test, users can check the credibility of the site as well.

Our solution makes accepting cryptocurrency payments easy!

Customers pay with their favorite wallet app. Both

34 Bytes is NOT a wallet service, and NEVER has access to your funds, reducing risk for all parties. We work with local agents to identify local merchants that are interested in accepting cryptocurrency.

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